America: “YAYYY. WE LOVE IT.” Me: “FUCK THIS*.”

*sorry, Mom

Haters, I see your points and they are valid. If I were not from the greater Los Angeles area I’d wish misfortune upon them, too.

But still, I’m sad and I want to cry about it for a minute.

God is clearly punishing me for showing too much of my body on the Internet and writing the F-word too much in my diary, SO. How bout those Dodgers? And Derrick Rose, he of the amazing eyebrows? And hey, how bout that UGK – still the only thing from Texas, other than promethazine raps of course, worth giving a tiny bit of a fuck about. Oh and Devin. And Scarface. Willie Hutch. And ice cream paint jobs, explosions in the sky (I’m assuming there are a lot of firearms owners there), Explosions in the Sky, the hairdos of Omar and Cedric (late ’90s through ’07), Leon Haywood’s desire to do something freaky to all of us, and Buddy Holly’s glasses.

CoCo Budda f/ UGK – “Let ‘Em Have It.” Hearing It’s all about Sweets/Fuck Optimos outta Chad Butler’s mouth does a pretty good job of cheering me up.



One thought on “America: “YAYYY. WE LOVE IT.” Me: “FUCK THIS*.”

  1. danps

    Oh, there's a decent contingent from northeast Ohio that did not wish misfortune upon them, strictly as a hedge against a much less pleasant outcome.

    There might not be as much Lakerhate out there as you suspect. Lots of folks have fond memories of Showtime (particularly if their preferred team was saddled with the worst owner in galactic history).

    That said, here are some valid reasons to not like them:

    1. Carpetbagging superstars like O'Neal leaving a perfectly fine franchises for the klieg lights. This goes double if Dwight Howard ends up there.

    2. Mitch Kupchak, in any capacity.

    3. The WAY they lost yesterday. Unworthy. (GET IT?!!?!?)

    All that said, condolences on the abrupt end of the season for your guys.


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