Loozer hurt my feelings. The comedic stylings of the Yahoo home page. Street Sweeper Social Club.

1. Carlos Loozer, please see yourself out. Nobody cares about you and you dumb team and your dumb points. The Machine and his headband will see to it that you are sufficiently dealt with on Saturday.

2. I am really quite amused by many little things in life. This makes me a cheap date and that’s kinda fresh, right? Last night, for example, this amused me to an inappropriate degree:

3. Street Sweeper Social Club!

OMG, leftist musical boys in a record store! 83 of my favorite things in one!
I feel warm and excited all over my body.

All the cute revolutionary white boys I had crushes on in college had, in turn, dude crushes on Boots from The Coup. Going to get ice cream and talking about Friere and Chomsky and then making out after having too many organic microbrews sounded nice in theory, but those kindsa dudes tend to take theyself too serious for your favorite nerdy bikini-clad blogger’s liking so it’s probably for the best that we didn’t end up together.

Anyway, he and Tom Morello are doing this thing called Street Sweeper Social Club, which I approved of even before hearing the music. Remember how I was when I heard El-P was producing Zach de la Rocha? Yeah. Like that.

See you at the next Doctors Without Borders/ACLU/Copwatch benefit show, guys!
“Clap for the Killers” is pretty great (streaming on their page). Fred Hampton lyrics are always on point, everybody knows that.

Let’s rumble
is my thoughts exactly
They work for gangsters and they whacked Fred Hampton Jr.’s pappy
Ay playboy pop em with a pistol and get executed
Ay mama murder em with missiles and you get saluted.”

2 thoughts on “Loozer hurt my feelings. The comedic stylings of the Yahoo home page. Street Sweeper Social Club.

  1. danps

    Shouldn’t have screwed Cleveo, dummy. It would be nice to be playing for a contender now instead of having your Benedict Arnold ass whupped by one, don't you think? Kobe will be The Enemy in another month or so but for now I'll enjoy watching him put out a cigarette on your forehead as he moves up & past you.


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