Not long ago when things were slow/We all got by with what we know.

Over at Ego Trip they tell you Darryl Jenifer is one of their bloggers (!). You get that fluttery feeling in your stomach, start composing your first email to him in your head (“Hi Darryl! I live in Los Angeles and I have a blog too!”). Then you click the link next to his beautiful face and it goes nowhere.

“NOT FOUND; SORRY, BUT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING THAT ISN’T HERE.” Yes, I’m sorry too. I had hoped for lessons on bass playing, keeping food ital, smashing shit (amps, industry rules, people’s stereotypes in the ’80s), how to get Rollins to quit yappin in the tour bus on the way to Providence. I had hoped for tales of Bad Brains groupies – I am curious as to whether they were blessed in the hips department, or if this is a specific subspecies of groupie that only came to be in the city of Los Angeles, long after the band’s golden years. I cannot get any of that, you see, because that isn’t here. I looked for it but it wasn’t found. (Sorry.)

The visit was still a success, however, because I saw that the tiny bio Darryl wrote about himself sounds exactly like a Doom lyric! And because I discovered that Gangstarr video from ’92 (Premier’s t-shirt, c’monnn).

“I Against I.” Not the Bad Brains one, but Mos tries to kick a little patois here, plus he had that album with his friend that was named after a Marcus Garvey business venture to empower the African diaspora, so it’s sort of close?



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