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Life, Love and Faith. And Cocoa.


No color-saturation trickery or anything, guys – look how pretty this came out! I fiiiiinally got Toussaint’s Life, Love and Faith, which made me think about other epic/stark/lovely black or white or black & white album covers, which sucked me down a rabbit hole all Sunday afternoon, which come to think of it is always where you can catch me on Sunday afternoon, every Sunday afternoon, with sporadic breaks only to stretch and refuel and check Deadspin. (Special appearances by my favorite red dress, my mug of hot chocolate, & because I’m fucking sick to DEATH of the Cowboys, Days of Our Harbaugh, and As the Manziel Turns, the Aldridge-less Blazers being unkind to the Knicks on my TV.)



Chocolate Milk (RCA, 1976).

chocolate milk 2-1600

I played this at my backyard BBQ at my house in the 3rd Ward back when Ford was in office and Pistol Pete was on the court in a Jazz uniform and we did a Soul Train line (I joined in during MY CUTS “You’ve Got Your Spell on Me” and “Party Happy”) just before we all stripped down and jumped in Lake Pontchartrain, remember?

(That spot next to my big window lets in lots of beautiful sunshine but it also advertises how sheer this shirt is. Hence the arm protection.)