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Ahmad Jamal, Heat Wave. Cadet, 1966.

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Let the music breathe, says Ahmad Jamal. The same applies to your legs, which need not be encumbered by the rigid fabric of pants. Let the legs breathe. (I know all about Winter in America thanks to my man Gil, but I’m also an expert on Winter in Los Angeles, where a lady has to improvise when the temperature dips down to sweater weather.)

[After you get Freeflight because you’re a jazz snob, go get Portfolio (Argo, 1959) & listen to “Autumn Leaves” and go back to being a kid every time you hear it like I do because my dad played it on Sunday mornings. Go play in the backyard. It’s a beautiful day. Mom will call you when dinner’s ready,]

The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Barefoot Sunday Blues. Argo, 1963 (LPS-723).


What’s a sexier Don Bronstein-designed album cover than the Howlin’ Wolf one with just a rocking chair & guitar? NOTHING. NONE. That’s the sexiest one. It is his finest work. But I still went out & sat in some scratchy plants & hurt the back of my thighs for you guys just so I could pay tribute to this one – chosen because it’s Christmas, my uncle is visiting, and this is a nod of appreciation to him for first playing this record for me when I was little. I have since realized the C. Adderley version of the title track is better, but the piano playing on that version is not. (No hard feelings, Wynton Kelly! xo)