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Roland Kirk, Hip! Fontana, 1965.

Kirk Hip 4

All the covers in Fontana’s “Popular Jazz” series feature an excited young woman and a shouty title in huge typeface – Erroll Garner’s is Move!; Clifford Brown’s is Warm! You got Oh Brother! for Les McCann, Cattin’! for Coleman Hawkins, and Gerry Mulligan’s is SAXY!, of course.

Hip! is the Roland Kirk one – a comp from the Mercury/Limelight years – so named because HOLY FUCK IT’S ROLAND KIRK! was not appropriate for midcentury music label marketing.


The Brides of Funkenstein, Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy. Atlantic, 1979.


I believe the expression is “The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.” Less popular but no less true is the expression “The bigger my love for Dr. Funkenstein, licensed administer of ear-canal narcotics including but not limited to rubbery bassline antidepressants, the greater the likelihood that I’m willing to forego monogamy and share my groom with my other sister-wives so we can blow the cobwebs out your mind.”

I wish George would give women a little wiggle room when it comes to roles – we are backup singers and side-project wives, and that’s it – but if I complain I’ll get kicked out of the family and he’ll easily find another fake wife to hit in the protons and make sure her hips keep moving. Having to share Dr. Funkenstein with some other ladies is better than no Funkenstein at all.