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Funkadelic (Westbound, 1970)

Man I hope I slap this hard when I turn 50.
The original.
The tweaked/freaked version via PS Elements!

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band, Electric Coffey (Sussex, 1972)

Coffey Electric

To all of you who toggle between BleacherReport and the SoulfulDetroit forum when you’re at work, 1) let’s be friends I like you already, and 2) how shaken were you when you found out the real story behind the credits on that Funkadelic record? I WAS SHAKEN. Anyway, a few of those same dudes get loose on this one too – and like my friend Roger from Ohio says, I no longer need astrology thanks to modern technology. Damn do I love a good Dennis Coffey astrological banger, though.