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Bill Cosby, Disco Bill (Capitol, 1977)

Disco Bill-1

“Let’s boogie,” says Bill on the cover. “It’s Logan’s BIRTHDAY!”

For Disco Bill, Cosby got Wah Wah Watson and Oscar Brashear (credited, sadly, as Oscar BrashMEAR) to come into the studio and record some passable ’77 joke-funk! I never listen to this record but every March 29th there’s an honorary playing of “Nasty Birthday” in my apartment while I dance in front of the mirror in my fisherman hat and Army jacket, eat cupcakes, and think about the fleeting nature of time and the beauty of growing as a person with each passing year. It’s a day of mixed emotions, you guys – on one hand, I gotta thank Bill for his influence on every comedy professional of the last 50 years, and for Mongo Slade and for being responsible for my introduction to style/beauty/swagger icon Jayne Kennedy, whose appearance at the beginning of Let’s Do It Again showed me how to wear the fuck out of a tiny dress while responding to dehumanizing street harassment with grace and aplomb.

On the disturbing other hand, however, is the fact that the Cos has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, comedy game Darren Sharper. I wish that were a joke but it’s not. And matter how many times I see the Stevie Wonder episode of The Cosby Show (and get excited when he goes, “Put a little more high on the Synclavier”), I cannot unlearn this information. Luckily, this record was found in the dollar bin, with Bill seeing no profit from it in 2014, so my feminism should remain unquestioned. In closing, LET’S BOOGIE! It’s my birthday.