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Jaime Meline and Michael Render, Run the Jewels. Fool’s Gold, 2013 (FGRLP006-DLX).


“Producer gave me a beat/Said it’s the beat of the year/I said El-P didn’t do it/So get the fuck outta here.” I disagree with Michael Render’s criticism of Planned Parenthood in verse, and I’m still upset that he has yet to use “render” as a pun (“The name’s Mike and I RENDER you blahblah” or something similar), but other than that, he is perfect and gives me everything I need in a rapper. El-P, you’re pretty alright too, buddy.

Sean Price. Mic Tyson. Duck Down, 2012 (DDM LP 2230, LE red splatter vinyl!).

sean price mic tyson 2

“I get paid to/Make music burst through walls like Kool-Aid came through.” “Mean mugging who? Your jeans colorful/Rainbow Brite, good night, I can’t fuck with you.” “This your man Sean/The opposite of a fucking Duran Duran song.” I prefer my rappers witty, grown, and annoyed with the current state of affairs, THANK YOU.

Dora the Explorer mic from my niece’s toybox. Industry standard “2 finger & thumb” grip from years of watching rap videos. Rugby shirt from Goodwill. Super SUPER good slappy thick-drummed production by Alchemist, Khrysis, Evidence, et al. Record by Duck Down via Fat Beats distribution all rights reserved. Raps about punching, shoes, African dictators, being broke, and being better than everybody else by Sean.