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Ain’t nuttin to it but to do it but I can’t do it, Oliver Nelson

L1120782-6-1000Saluting Black, Brown and Beautiful (Flying Dutchman, 1970), one of the square beauties in apt. 680 wholly inappropriate for Instagram album cover recreations.

L1120724-1 1000




Good for talking about when stuck in an elevator with: Pharoahe Monch (I’d say DJ Scratch since he made the beat, but I wouldn’t be able to recognize DJ Scratch in an elevator), Daniel Dumile, jazz bros, Hofstra alumni (heh).

My cut: the title track.

Stupid: “Yearnin” is included on the 1989 CD reissue. That’s my actual cut, as it features Dolphy’s brass plea for me to take my dress off. It should’ve remained on The Blues and the Abstract Truth instead of shoved onto an album crafted to be a tribute to a murdered civil rights leader (recorded the year after he was murdered), and as a result I have huge beef with RCA and its subsidiaries.

STUPID: No cover model credit. It would not have killed you, Chuck Stewart, to have given a nod to your beautiful subject. I mean, for this one and this one and this one, the name of your selected model is in huge print right on the cover.

Questionable: “‘Black, brown and beautiful’ is the way I feel about my people. All of them.” All of them. All of them? (Probably not.)

Lady stuff: “Pearl Kaufman playing a piano line of 7½ minutes duration without raising a cry for help.” I’d also include the contribution of the lady on the cover, but there’s no credit for her.

Jazz game George Foreman: Oliver Nelson, who sired 2 boys and proceeded to call them Oliver Jr. and Nyles Oliver.

Can’t do the cover recreation for the following reason(s):

Oliver 3

 I will did, however, do: this. Don’t tell my mom.



Tapscott Quintet, The Giant is Awakened. Flying Dutchman, 1969 (FDS 107).

tapscott 10

The name Horace is derived from Latin and means “timekeeper.” What Google doesn’t realize, however, is it also means “Los Angeles man whose albums jazz nerds shall seek.” On Flying Dutchman for about 5 minutes before he got in a fistfight with Thiele and left for Nimbus (at least that’s what I heard), Tapscott was a music deity and I cannot articulate the excitement that flooded my body when I found this record. If you ever see it, GET IT. PS The open on this album sounds, oddly enough, like a giant being awakened.