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Jon Lucien, Rashida (RCA Victor, 1973)

Jon Lucien


As long as you’re strong, you can quest with the ‘Questers/Jolly like a jumping bean or a jester/Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien





B.B. King, Guess Who. ABC Records, 1972 (ABC X759).

image (1)

I’m still waiting for 3 of my friends to agree to join me for an As Nasty As They Wanna Be tribute. Until then, please accept my recreations of other album covers with beach scenes.

Herbie Hancock, Sunlight. Columbia, 1978.


Just another REGA-lur day in my apartment thinkin bout how James Yancey and I have the same taste in records.

(Promotional consideration provided by SoundStage Direct, who sent me a Rega for winning their Instacontest – an event I survived despite a wave of bitterness engulfing their comments section regarding my anatomy and my obvious lack of music knowledge. Shout to bitter vinyl bros for making me determined to win the contest even though I’m Technics til they bury me in the ground and I don’t cyberdig.)