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Larry Young, Heaven on Earth (Blue Note, 1968)

larry young 4

When IG vinyl bros (hi guys!) post Larry Young records, they keep it strictly Unity (‘cause it’s pretty and ’cause Woody Shaw) or Lawrence of Newark (‘cause it’s pretty, rare, and has a rad title), with some Larry Young’s Fuel mixed in for the Dilluminati (‘cause it’s got that Slum Village break). Heaven on Earth always gets lost in the shuffle (‘cause it’s not as good as the other albums), but it gives me a chance to break out the white sheet from that time I did the Aquemini cover plus I needed a “Y” record for my aLPhabet project. Y, boys and girls, is for YOUNG.


Ahmad Jamal, Heat Wave. Cadet, 1966.

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Let the music breathe, says Ahmad Jamal. The same applies to your legs, which need not be encumbered by the rigid fabric of pants. Let the legs breathe. (I know all about Winter in America thanks to my man Gil, but I’m also an expert on Winter in Los Angeles, where a lady has to improvise when the temperature dips down to sweater weather.)

[After you get Freeflight because you’re a jazz snob, go get Portfolio (Argo, 1959) & listen to “Autumn Leaves” and go back to being a kid every time you hear it like I do because my dad played it on Sunday mornings. Go play in the backyard. It’s a beautiful day. Mom will call you when dinner’s ready,]