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Horacee Arnold, Tales of the Exonerated Flea (Columbia, 1974)

Horacee Arnold

Peace to all the concern trolls who keep turning up on Instagram expressing anxiety about my wardrobe choices. Here’s a nice jeans-and-turtleneck combo to please you, though I should warn that you may still be able to detect I have hips and breasts through the fabric : (







The Brass Company, Colors. Strata-East, 1975.

The Brass Company 2

Started off 2014 with a spirited round of Vinyl Scavenger Hunt! The clues for this one were “Find an album containing a tight brass section, pretty colors on the cover, and no fewer than 3 dudes named Bill/Billy in the credits. Bonus points if it happens to be one of your Strata-East beauties with a title paying homage to the great Ice-T.”


Herbie Hancock, Sunlight. Columbia, 1978.


Just another REGA-lur day in my apartment thinkin bout how James Yancey and I have the same taste in records.

(Promotional consideration provided by SoundStage Direct, who sent me a Rega for winning their Instacontest – an event I survived despite a wave of bitterness engulfing their comments section regarding my anatomy and my obvious lack of music knowledge. Shout to bitter vinyl bros for making me determined to win the contest even though I’m Technics til they bury me in the ground and I don’t cyberdig.)







Hugh Masekela, Home Is Where the Music Is. Blue Thumb, 1972.


OH DUMB, TERRIBLE WIKIPEDIA, I can think of a number of more intensely more interesting facts to put in the second sentence of Hugh Masekela’s bio than “father of TV personality Sal Masekela.” Christ almighty. Anyway, today I’ve chosen Home Is Where the Music Is, fuckin 1972 Afro-banger. On the cover you got Hugh lookin classy in head to toe denim, plus you can’t go wrong with Blue Thumb, plus you really can’t go wrong with early ’70s Blue Thumb, plus the inner gatefold cover art is by a man named DUMILE Feni – just more indisputable proof that Doom is always present, never too far away, constantly watching over me like Jesus and Santa Claus.