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Jimmy McGriff, Christmas with McGriff. Sue, 1963 (STLP 1018).


It was December 24th on Hollis Ave. after dark! J/K it’s the 22nd and I’m in Echo Park. If I can’t have Christmas in Hollis I’ll take Christmas with McGriff.

Action Bronson, Saaab Stories. Atlantic, 2013 (536097-1).

saaab 10Hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty/Know I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty!

Thanks to Bronson I now know the names of SO MANY pro wrestlers. Someday we’ll hang at a bar & watch various televised sporting competitions just so I can hear what he does with the names Gosder Cherilus, Vontaze Burfict, Zaza Pachulia, & Bishop Sankey in future verses. I’ll drink too much & get loose & ask him what in the God’s green fuck possessed him to give Wizdom Khalifa a feature. Bron’ll get mad & tell me never ever to question his hustle. But then I’ll smile & say, “How great is Kool G Rap, though?” and we’ll hug & he’ll scurry off to make me a frittata napoletana. Also he’ll do a song with Kool Keith cuz I said so.

Jaime Meline and Michael Render, Run the Jewels. Fool’s Gold, 2013 (FGRLP006-DLX).


“Producer gave me a beat/Said it’s the beat of the year/I said El-P didn’t do it/So get the fuck outta here.” I disagree with Michael Render’s criticism of Planned Parenthood in verse, and I’m still upset that he has yet to use “render” as a pun (“The name’s Mike and I RENDER you blahblah” or something similar), but other than that, he is perfect and gives me everything I need in a rapper. El-P, you’re pretty alright too, buddy.

Von Freeman, Doin’ It Right Now. Atlantic, 1968 (SD 1628).

Von Freeman Doin It

Dedicated Chicago bear and all-around stand-up guy based on a bunch of jazz cat interviews I’ve read, Von Freeman made a ton of lovely, progressive music, plus he just loved his city to DEATH. Fuckin jazz game Brian Urlacher.

Outside linebackers on this one are Sam Jones and Jimmy COBBS, which must be more than 1 Jimmy Cobb, so I’ll allow it. Rahsaan Roland Kirk for defensive coordinator. And yes, guys, I looked for a sax, but all that came up in my niece’s toybox was a trumpet. Relax, Instrument Police.

Sean Price. Mic Tyson. Duck Down, 2012 (DDM LP 2230, LE red splatter vinyl!).

sean price mic tyson 2

“I get paid to/Make music burst through walls like Kool-Aid came through.” “Mean mugging who? Your jeans colorful/Rainbow Brite, good night, I can’t fuck with you.” “This your man Sean/The opposite of a fucking Duran Duran song.” I prefer my rappers witty, grown, and annoyed with the current state of affairs, THANK YOU.

Dora the Explorer mic from my niece’s toybox. Industry standard “2 finger & thumb” grip from years of watching rap videos. Rugby shirt from Goodwill. Super SUPER good slappy thick-drummed production by Alchemist, Khrysis, Evidence, et al. Record by Duck Down via Fat Beats distribution all rights reserved. Raps about punching, shoes, African dictators, being broke, and being better than everybody else by Sean.


Ornette Coleman, Love Call. Blue Note, 1968 (BST 84356).

ornette coleman love call 2

I found this at the store, put it under my arm and started to walk out. The man behind the counter told me to come back and pay for it, to which I replied Nope – it’s FREE JAZZ, dummy bahahahah. Ha.

Mr. Coleman is your high school art teacher’s favorite sax god, but he’s MY favorite supernerd who studied theory and composition, asked his audience to re-think accepted ideas of chord patterns and harmony, and consistently played like a big ol weirdo from the start even though nobody really got it…until years later, when everybody got it. Sigh.