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Johnny Bristol, Strangers (Atlantic, 1978)

Johnny Bristol

I got “25 Miles” for when I need to get HYPED for my morning jog*, “Daddy Could Swear, I Declare” for when I need a thick heavy UGK break, “Someday We’ll Be Together” when I’m pining away for 1972-79 Tom Waits, and “Hang on in There, Baby” when I get bummed that my Fantasy Football team is not reaching its full potential. Basically there’s a Johnny Bristol-produced or -written song for every one of my life’s occasions.

* LOLOLOLLLL nope. The world’s laziest human doesn’t jog, dummies


The Main Ingredient, Afrodisiac. RCA Victor, 1973.

Main Ingredient

Me asking Cuba if he agrees with me that the casting of his son as Nicky Barnes was just insulting to the intelligence of the movie-going public. (He does agree, btw)