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Simon & Garfunkel, Bookends (CBS, 1968)

Simon Garfunkel

Cuz Queens is the county, Jamaica is the place!

J/K it’s Flushing and Forest Hills, respectively, for Simon and Garfunkel. Regardless, though: to my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life.



Ramones (Sire, 1976)


Usually if I wanna hear some badass follically-blessed Jewish kids from Queens singing pretty melodies I’ll put on my beloved Shangri-Las and crawl deep inside Shadow Morton’s echo chamber.

Sometimes I feel like letting in a couple Irish kids, though, and that’s when I go to the Ramones. They continue to have me stuck off the realness after all these years.

Action Bronson, Saaab Stories. Atlantic, 2013 (536097-1).

saaab 10Hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty/Know I hit you with the dropkick, Marty Jannetty!

Thanks to Bronson I now know the names of SO MANY pro wrestlers. Someday we’ll hang at a bar & watch various televised sporting competitions just so I can hear what he does with the names Gosder Cherilus, Vontaze Burfict, Zaza Pachulia, & Bishop Sankey in future verses. I’ll drink too much & get loose & ask him what in the God’s green fuck possessed him to give Wizdom Khalifa a feature. Bron’ll get mad & tell me never ever to question his hustle. But then I’ll smile & say, “How great is Kool G Rap, though?” and we’ll hug & he’ll scurry off to make me a frittata napoletana. Also he’ll do a song with Kool Keith cuz I said so.