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Oscar Peterson, Exclusively for My Friends, vol. 2 – Girl Talk. Pausa, 1980 (RE: MPS, 1968).

photo 3In a stunning display of subversion, Oscar named this record after a sexist and dumb song about how ladies are only into babies and hairdos and talking shit about their friends, LOLOLOL broads are so trite and silly, am I right, fellas? (Oscar doesn’t believe these things; he’s being ironic with the title.) This is melodic, accessible piano beauty by the lifelong scandal- and heroin-free Mr. Peterson. Album resplendent with personnel photos on the back, including one of my boyfriend Sam Jones and one of Oscar smoking a pipe because men were men back then. #OscarPeterson #ExclusivelyForMyFriends #GirlTalk #RayBrown #LouisHayes #SamJones #BobbyDurham #PausaRecords  #HansGeorgBrunnerSchwer #balloons #WhiteDresses #Montreal #TheJamaicanDiaspora


Von Freeman, Doin’ It Right Now. Atlantic, 1968 (SD 1628).

Von Freeman Doin It

Dedicated Chicago bear and all-around stand-up guy based on a bunch of jazz cat interviews I’ve read, Von Freeman made a ton of lovely, progressive music, plus he just loved his city to DEATH. Fuckin jazz game Brian Urlacher.

Outside linebackers on this one are Sam Jones and Jimmy COBBS, which must be more than 1 Jimmy Cobb, so I’ll allow it. Rahsaan Roland Kirk for defensive coordinator. And yes, guys, I looked for a sax, but all that came up in my niece’s toybox was a trumpet. Relax, Instrument Police.