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Roland Kirk, Hip! Fontana, 1965.

Kirk Hip 4

All the covers in Fontana’s “Popular Jazz” series feature an excited young woman and a shouty title in huge typeface – Erroll Garner’s is Move!; Clifford Brown’s is Warm! You got Oh Brother! for Les McCann, Cattin’! for Coleman Hawkins, and Gerry Mulligan’s is SAXY!, of course.

Hip! is the Roland Kirk one – a comp from the Mercury/Limelight years – so named because HOLY FUCK IT’S ROLAND KIRK! was not appropriate for midcentury music label marketing.


The Brass Company, Colors. Strata-East, 1975.

The Brass Company 2

Started off 2014 with a spirited round of Vinyl Scavenger Hunt! The clues for this one were “Find an album containing a tight brass section, pretty colors on the cover, and no fewer than 3 dudes named Bill/Billy in the credits. Bonus points if it happens to be one of your Strata-East beauties with a title paying homage to the great Ice-T.”