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The Cars, Candy-O (Elektra, 1979)

The Cars

“Museum directors with their high shaking heads/They kick white shadows until they play dead.” Everybody knows “Let’s Go,” but really, how interesting is it to like the nightlife, baby? It’s not. “The Dangerous Type” is the real and true banger on this album. Shout to Greg Hawkes for the delicious synthy goodness and Roy Thomas Baker for being a general ’70s studio god (QUEEN).



Junie Morrison, Freeze (Westbound, 1975).

junie 1-1“Arranged by, producer, composed by, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, clavinet, synthesizer (Mini-moog, Arp String Ensemble), grand piano, Hammond B-3, talkbox, vocals: Junie Morrison” – back cover.

Posing, keeping hair looking fucking fantastic while posing, staying strategically covered by flimsy robe, and spouting unsolicited music history while posing, though? That’s alllllll me.