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Willie Nelson, Honeysuckle Rose soundtrack (Columbia, 1980)

honeysuckle 1

The first purely country cover I’ve done, in memory of the turntable in my childhood living room (hi, Dad) and in tribute to one of the Highwaymen, Willie Nelson! He did a mediocre movie with that lady who’s always courtside at Laker games, and produced the soundtrack that fills me with joy. A lady cannot subsist on Shider riffs and Hathaway cascades and big fat Organized Noize drums alone, people.


Eloise Laws, Ain’t It Good Feeling Good. Invictus, 1977.

Eloise Laws 3

My Invictus/Hot Wax listening cutoff point is right around ’73-4 – Honey Cone (FUCKING LOVE THEM), Chairmen of the Board, and Brian Holland’s ode to me, “Super Woman”). I will therefore never listen to this record for pleasure, and in fact will only listen to it if I’m having a Laws Family binge-listening session – an event that would only take place so I could eventually get to Afro-Classic and Pressure Sensitive. Great cover, though.

(Sorry, Mom)