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Oscar Peterson, Exclusively for My Friends, vol. 2 – Girl Talk. Pausa, 1980 (RE: MPS, 1968).

photo 3In a stunning display of subversion, Oscar named this record after a sexist and dumb song about how ladies are only into babies and hairdos and talking shit about their friends, LOLOLOL broads are so trite and silly, am I right, fellas? (Oscar doesn’t believe these things; he’s being ironic with the title.) This is melodic, accessible piano beauty by the lifelong scandal- and heroin-free Mr. Peterson. Album resplendent with personnel photos on the back, including one of my boyfriend Sam Jones and one of Oscar smoking a pipe because men were men back then. #OscarPeterson #ExclusivelyForMyFriends #GirlTalk #RayBrown #LouisHayes #SamJones #BobbyDurham #PausaRecords  #HansGeorgBrunnerSchwer #balloons #WhiteDresses #Montreal #TheJamaicanDiaspora