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Horacee Arnold, Tales of the Exonerated Flea (Columbia, 1974)

Horacee Arnold

Peace to all the concern trolls who keep turning up on Instagram expressing anxiety about my wardrobe choices. Here’s a nice jeans-and-turtleneck combo to please you, though I should warn that you may still be able to detect I have hips and breasts through the fabric : (







Jon Lucien, Rashida (RCA Victor, 1973)

Jon Lucien


As long as you’re strong, you can quest with the ‘Questers/Jolly like a jumping bean or a jester/Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien





Tapscott Quintet, The Giant is Awakened. Flying Dutchman, 1969 (FDS 107).

tapscott 10

The name Horace is derived from Latin and means “timekeeper.” What Google doesn’t realize, however, is it also means “Los Angeles man whose albums jazz nerds shall seek.” On Flying Dutchman for about 5 minutes before he got in a fistfight with Thiele and left for Nimbus (at least that’s what I heard), Tapscott was a music deity and I cannot articulate the excitement that flooded my body when I found this record. If you ever see it, GET IT. PS The open on this album sounds, oddly enough, like a giant being awakened.