Got some records!

Pandemic birthday, year 2! I was able to do some real-life, in-person, brick-and-mortar digging (!!), and while last year’s vinyl-themed birthday sweet treat can never be topped (THE TECHNICS BIRTHDAY CAKE, remember??), this year’s donuts crafted to look like lil 45s are super damn cute. I got some HGs (Moodymann! Rosetta Hightower! Gus Poole!), that new Benny the Butcher, that new-ish Madlib, went through a liter of hand sanitizer, and hit up every LA spot except the ones only open Sat-Sun (High Fidelity, Gimme Gimme), the ones I was too lazy to head into downtown for (The Last Bookstore), or the south bay for (Soundsations, PM Sounds), or the one that would empty out my checking account (As the Record Turns DAMN YOU, KEVIN). Then I came home and sat my ass down and did a photo shoot that was supposed to be for my OnlyFans but I decided that was selfish and cruel so here you go.